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How to use Famenest as a Free Article Submission Site

Are you a blogger, digital marketer, or online businesses looking for free article submission sites or free blogging sites to publish your articles.

Famenest is a social media site that provides you the feature of free article submission. Famenest is a free blogging site for writers who want to gain exposure and reach more people. Let me show you how this works. You can post unlimited articles and all articles are approved instantly. Follow these steps to post an article on Famenest.

The first step to start working with famenest is to join Famenest. Here is an article on how to join famenest social media site.

  1. Click on the plus sign button at the top left corner and navigate to create blog.

2. Now click on create blog.

3. Write Title, description and content in their respective fields.

4. Upload photo for features image.

5. Select category and add tags.

Now click on Publish! Congratulation your post is published and visible to thousands of famenest members.

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